The Clevedon Valley Music Foundation Trust Scholarships’ Festival 2022

In keeping with one of its primary goals, CVMFT is holding a Music Study Scholarships’ Festival on Sat 5 November 2022.


There will be three sections, Piano, Voice, & Instrumental, with three age groups in each:

Junior 8-12yrs; Intermediate 13 – 17yrs; Senior 18 and over.


Internationally-acclaimed pianist, vocal coach, and music director

Lindy Tennent-Brown will adjudicate all sections. Please refer to her Biography.


For all enquiries and entry forms, please click here or please contact: The Chairperson CVMFT (Gina Sanders) at  or 09 2928047


Click here to enter


CVMFT is very grateful to the generous sponsorship of Lindsay & Fred Hellaby and Margaret Williams, and to all its regular supporters who have made this event possible.


Important Information


Date & Venue

Saturday 5th November 2022, at Clevedon Presbyterian/St Andrew’s, 3 Papakura-Clevedon Rd, Clevedon, 2585



Junior – 10.00am – 12.00pm; Intermediate: 12.30pm – 2.30pm; Senior: 4.30pm – 7.00pm



This will be taken as of 30th September 2022.


Entry Fee

There will be no entry fee, and a pianist will be available to accompany, although entrants are welcome to bring their own pianists. Repertoire may be changed up to 2 weeks prior to entry.


Piano Accompanists

Juniors/Intermediate – Jonathan Dunlop:  021 022 62636

Senior – Kay Shacklock: 021 050 3896

Please contact the appropriate pianist and ensure you make these arrangements at least 2 weeks prior for a rehearsal within 7 days of the Festival.


Entries Close

10pm on 18 October 2022


Number of Contestants

Each section will have a limit of four contestants, with any prior selection process being made by the CVMFT Board and its advisors, on the strength of the initial application.  This will be based on a supplied bio/CV and brief outline of goals/intentions, and references if needed. These will not need to be produced as written references – just a name of someone who is happy to be contacted. In all classes, preference will be given to a student who has expressed a serious intention, and exhibited clear potential, to pursue music as a career pathway.





These will be announced at the end of each full section, and the funds will generally be paid into the bank account of a nominated teacher. If the funds are to be used for another purpose, this must be approved by the CVMFT Board.  Junior (8-12yrs) and Intermediate (13-17yrs) scholarships are $350 each, the Seniors (18 and over) are $500 each.


The Alan Williams Senior Instrumental Scholarship – $500


The Lindsay & Fred Hellaby Senior Vocal Scholarship – $500


The CVMFT Senior Piano Scholarship – $500


The Alan Williams Intermediate Instrumental Scholarship – $350


The Lindsay & Fred Hellaby Intermediate Vocal Scholarship – $350


The CVMFT Intermediate Piano Scholarship – $350


The Allan Williams Junior Instrumental Scholarship – $350


The Lindsay & Fred Hellaby Junior Vocal Scholarship – $350


The CVMFT Junior Piano Scholarship – $350



In addition, the following awards will be made at the adjudicator’s discretion. You do not need to apply for these, as all accepted applicants will automatically be eligible.


Special Award – $100 Alan Williams Violoncellist Award

Awarded to a deserving violoncellist to recognise the donor family’s wish to acknowledge that Mr Williams had a particular love of this instrument.


Special Award – $100 The Valley Studio Instrumental Award

Awarded to a deserving instrumentalist (not violoncello).


Special Award – $100 Jennifer Kelly Vocal Award

Awarded to a deserving vocalist to recognise the remarkable contribution Jennifer made to choirs in South Auckland, including St Andrew’s Presbyterian.


Special Award – $100 Jane Neike Award

Awarded to a deserving pianist to recognise the remarkable support Jane gave to musicians, and particularly her love of the piano.


Programme and Level

Candidates will present a programme of two contrasting items of any style and prepare a short spoken introduction.

It is assumed that entrants will be working at, or have reached, the following levels:

8-10 yrs – Grade 3 ABRSM/Trinity/NZMEB

11-12 yrs – Grade 4/5 ABRSM/Trinity/NZMEB

13-17 yrs – Grade 6 and above ABRSM/Trinity/NZMEB

18 yrs+ – Grade 8 ABRSM/Trinity/NZMEB or first year University



The scholarships are open to all New Zealand citizens and permanent residents who are currently residing in or undertaking regular tuition from an established teacher, or at a recognised primary/secondary or tertiary institution in the Greater Auckland area.

In the event of a tie, preference will be given to residents of South and East Auckland, and students of teachers in these areas.

All entrants are required to be amateur/non-professional – i.e. regular or main income must not be from performing. Prize money won at competitions does not affect the status of an amateur.

Anyone may enter more than one instrument, providing the appropriate level has been reached.

All scholarship recipients will be expected to perform at a CVMFT event in the near future.


Dress Standard

Entrants are expected to present in formal concert attire.


Time Limits

Maximum times (including introduction): Senior (18 yrs+) – 12mins; Intermediate (13-17yrs) – 10 mins;

Junior (8-12yrs) 8mins; a points penalty will be incurred if the programme exceeds the limit by more than 10 percent; there is no minimum time limit.


Original Copies and Adjudicator’s Copies

Each entrant must acknowledge on the entry form that they are able to produce an original copy within 24hrs of such a request, if required. All copies are to be emailed in PDF form to  Hard copies on the day are not required, but may prove to be a useful backup.



Piano finalists may book a 20min time-slot to try the piano. The Church is generally available from 1pm onwards on weekdays. Please contact Gina to make a time.



Video or audio recording in any form will not be permitted without permission from the CVMFT Board. An official videographer/audio technician will record all performances and these will be released only after permission from all involved.



Families, friends and members are welcome to attend with koha recommended at $5 per person, or $10 per family.



Whilst every care is taken to ensure the safety of entrants and members of the general public, the Board takes no responsibility for any unforeseen event, damage to, or loss of personal property that may occur. Entrants undertake to compete at their own risk and are urged to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their personal property.


Privacy Act

In compliance with the Privacy Act 1993, it is brought to your attention that the registration form collects personal information about you. This information is collected for the purpose of registering and determining your eligibility for the classes you have entered in our scholarship. The information will be stored electronically and by the Trust Board and is available to Board members of CVMFT only. You have right of access to, and correction of, this information subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993. Only competition details and names will be published in our programme.