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DONATIONS We would be very pleased if you would care to make a donation to the CVMFT. Our account is ASB:

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Please tag the donation so we can send you a receipt for tax purposes, CVMFT is a registered charity.


Now into its 7th year, CVMFT remains committed to supporting developing and established artists with concerts, grants and scholarships, and to provide Clevedon and surrounding communities with excellent emerging and professional entertainment. Come along and join the eager audiences at St Andrews Presbyterian, Clevedon.






*All concerts commence at 1.30pm and conclude at 2.30pm with a complimentary afternoon tea. Suggested entrance/exit donation – all welcome!



Go to our webpage or check us out on Facebook for updates, photos and  more:

At St Andrew’s Presbyterian Clevedon (Click for location)

Sunday 17th of September 2023 at 1.30 pm

“Side by Side”

A happy mix of Swing, Classical and Jazz.

Concert at 1.30 pm @ Clevedon Presbyterian.

At St Andrew’s Presbyterian Clevedon (Click for location)

The Clevedon Valley Music Foundation Trust

Sharing the gift of music that binds us all together.