Clevedon Valley Music Foundation Trust Scholarships

CVMFT Trustees are pleased to announce the following winners of the above Scholarships.

Here are the proud winners and Trustees in the photos below:

Photo 1

Faamanu, Melissa, Charlotte, Angela

Lindy, Margaret, Kay, Lindsay, Gina
Photo 2
Lindy, Shelley, Maria, Gina, Lindsay
Ariane, Gianna, Lily, Rupert

Clevedon Valley Music Foundation Trust Scholarships

CVMFT Trustees are pleased to have been able to develop and expand the activities of the Trust (in spite of the challenges of this year). It has been able to support a variety of artistic projects with an equal emphasis on emerging and established talent, primarily in the Franklin District, but also beyond to the wider Auckland area. Several study scholarships and hardship grants have been awarded, and the concerts have been well received. The Board* is determined to continue to provide local and national New Zealand artists with the opportunity to perform and to share their talents with local audiences.

The Board is excited to announce that the CVMFT Music Study Scholarships’ Festival Competition will take place on Saturday  5 November at Clevedon Presbyterian.  These awards will focus on local talent that is need of assistance to reach “the next level”. There will be three sections, Piano, Voice, Instrumental, with three age groups in each: Junior 12yrs and under; Intermediate 13 – 17 yrs; Senior 18 and over.

Internationally acclaimed collaborative pianist, vocal coach, répétiteur, concert curator, music director and piano teacher, Lindy Tennent-Brown will adjudicate all sections. While all Auckland-based residents may apply, preference will be given to residents of South and East Auckland, and students of teachers in these areas. CVMFT is very grateful to the generous sponsorship of Lindsay & Fred Hellaby and Margaret Williams.  For all inquiries and entry forms, please refer to the Rules and Information and submit an application here.

Special Applications for an Assistance Grant from the CVMFT can be made using the form below.

In addition to the scholarship mentioned above, there are other awards, by generous local residents. Further details will appear here in due course.

Some donors wish to remain anonymous.